Most Important:  Never fill the bag past the max fill line - this could result in product leakage when freezing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How long does it take to freeze?

Answer: Depending on the temperature of the freezer, the average time is approximately 5-6 hrs. 

Question: The bag is frozen solid, now what?

Answer: Simply leave the bag out to thaw, unlike ice that melts from the outside in, our products are designed to thaw quickly and evenly. After 10-15 minutes, start to squeeze and massage the bag to assist breakdown. To speed up the process, run under warm water and knead bag as desired. And don't forget to ENJOY!

Question: Can I re-freeze the bag?

Answer: Of course, refreeze as many times as you like.

Question: How do you get the cap off?

Answer: ​Bags will now have the new caps which are easier to use, simply pull security seal and twist cap off.

Question: It's too sweet, now what?

Answer: Flavor palates vary between people, but don't worry this is a easy fix. Simply add more alcohol or water, shake and serve.   

Question: Why did the bag leaked in the freezer.

Answer: We're sorry this has happened - Please ensure that cap is always tight & bag is always standing up when in freezer. As well, please don't fill bag past fill line on back of bag.